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Waveguide Mixers

The Waveguide Mixers listed here represent only a portion of Narda-MITEQ's capabilities. Many of Narda-MITEQ's standard mixers can be modified to include a waveguide input with minimal impacts on specifications. Please Contact Us with any special requirements you may have.

Waveguide Mixers:

Single Balanced Waveguide Mixers
Double Balanced Waveguide Mixers
Image Rejection Waveguide Mixers
Passive Waveguide Mixers
Active Waveguide Mixers

Narda-MITEQ manufactures and designs one of the most extensive mixer product lines on the market today. There are over 400 mixers in our standard catalog, with RF frequencies up to 50 GHz. Our Schottky MESFET products are offered in both commercial grade and high reliability hermetically-sealed mixers.

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Narda-MITEQ can also offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. This can include new design efforts, modifications to existing designs for performance and mechanical needs, as well as additional testing and environmental screening.

Please contact Component Sales with any special requirements you may have: Tel: 631-231-9220

These mixers are backed by Narda-MITEQ's Warranty and most are available as RoHS Compliant components.


Please Contact Narda-MITEQ for more information:

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