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Fiber Optic Redundant Switchover Units

Fiber Optic Redundant Switchover UnitsThe 1:1 Fiber Optic Redundant Switchover unit is designed to ensure continuous operation allowing a unit fault to be repaired and/or routine maintenance to be performed without disruption of signal transmission.

The 1:1 Fiber Optic Redundant Switchover unit can be ordered as an RF, fiber, or a combination of RF and fiber switching system

The 1:1 Redundant Switchover Unit is used with two fiber optic units, one on-line (Unit A) and the second in a standby mode (Unit B). A fault condition in the on-line Unit A, or an operator generated command, will switch the standby Unit B to the on-line position and remove Unit A from the transmission path.

A full feature set of commands is available for both remote and local control.


RF and optical switching
Local and remote control (RS485/422
10/100Base-T Ethernet)
Automatic/manual control from both
local and remote control
Remote status
Off line output
RF switch position indicators
APC optical connectors

Narda-MITEQ can customize the electrical specifications and packaging of all our fiber optic products to meet your specific requirements. So let Narda-MITEQ be your custom fiber optic solution.

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Narda-MITEQ Fiber Optic Links are backed by Narda-MITEQ's
3-Year Warranty and most are available as RoHs Compliant components.

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Fiber Optic Products

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