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SATCOM ProductsSATCOM Installations All Over The World.
Narda-MITEQ is a proven and recognized leader in the Telecommunications Industry with thousands of installations worldwide. Serving both the Military and Commercial Markets, Narda-MITEQ designs and manufactures standard and customized satellite communication equipment. Narda-MITEQ's SATCOM product line includes Frequency Converters, Translators, Redundant Switchover Units, Amplifier Systems, Video Products, INMARSAT Products, Equalizer Products, Uplink Power Control Products, Power Amplifiers and Custom Communication Equipment.



NEW Space Saving, patented, 1/3 rack 1RU high SATCOM Products
Unique, full function space-saving 1/3 products are available with the same performance and options as our full rack units but require 1/3 the rack space of a traditional unit. The 1/3 product line is patented #7,510,090 and only available from Narda-MITEQ. These 1/3 rack 1RU high solutions are available in the following products: Amplifiers, Frequency Converters, Translators, Equalizer Products, Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers, as well as in our Broadband and Ultra Broadband Products (contact Narda-MITEQ for additional information on our Broadband and Ultra-Broadband product line).

The Space Savings feature of the 1/3 products is unbelievable and allow you to create Redundancy, Three-Channel Amplifiers, FO Transmit and Receive, Equalizer and Switchover or even Test Translator Block Configurations in 1 RU. Think of a 1:12 Redundant Equalizer Configuration in 300% less Rack space. Now that's a savings, and the combinations are endless!

SATCOM Product Discontinuation Notification - March 6,2009:
Narda-MITEQ announces it will discontinue production of Amplifier Power Supply Unit (model APS4-96-1). The production life of model APS4-96-1 will cease as of May 1, 2009. All orders must be received by Narda-MITEQ, prior to May 1,2009. For additional information, please contact

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