Model: UPB1-30.5-1TR

Product Category:Converter
Input BandL
Input Frequency Min.1000 MHz
Input Frequency Max.2000 MHz
LO Frequency Min.29000 MHz
LO Frequency Max.29000 MHz
Output BandKa
Output Frequency Min.30000 MHz
Output Frequency Max.31000 MHz
Transfer Characteristics
Conversion Gain Min.27 dB
Conversion Gain Typ.30 dB
Number of Channels1
Number of Bands1
Number of Conversions1
Noise Figure20 dB @ 25°C
Output Power Min.13 dBm
Operating Temperature Min.0 °C
Operating Temperature Max.50 °C
Storage Temperature Min.-50 °C
Storage Temperature Max.70 °C
Humidity95 % Non-Condensing
Humidity Degrees30 °C
Quality Assurnace
Test Data Supplied at 25 Deg. C
Conversoin Loss/Gain
Noise Figure
Image Rejection
Documents for

D-321 (PDF)

UPB1-XTR-17(Ka-Band-NEW) (pdf)

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Available Options for UPB1-30.5-1TR:

Option 1High Performance Package
Option 2Lower Gain 20+/-3 dB, 18 dB Noise Figure, 22 dB for BW =>1 GHz
Option 8LO Level Alarm
Option 10CHigher Freq Stability Ref
Option 10F10 MHz Direct Lock Higher Freq Stability RefReference with direct phase lock to external reference input. No phase noise suppression on external reference input
Option 17Remote Control
Option 10HTracking Higher Freq Stability Ref
OPTION 21Amplitude Slope Adjustment w/opt 170 to 1 dB minimum slope adjustment over 500 MHz IF BW 0 to 2 dB minimum slope adjustment over 800 MHz IF BW 0 to 3 dB minimum slope adjustment over 1000 MHz IF BW 0 to 4 dB minimum slope adjustment over 1500 MHz IF BW includes option 17

Options may not apply to all models.

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