Frequency Oscillators

Frequency OscillatorsNarda-MITEQ manufactures and designs one of the most extensive Frequency Oscillator product lines on the market today.

Narda-MITEQ's standard oscillator product line includes: high-value phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators, phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators, fundamental/multiplied phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators, the lowest noise phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillator, ultra low-noise phased-locked dielectric resonator oscillators, variable frequency multi-source oscillators, phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators, multiplied phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators, phase-locked crystal oscillators, ultra low-noise crystal oscillator, multiplied crystal oscillator to 1 GHz.

Narda-MITEQ also offers a product line of free-running Dielectric Resonator Oscillators which includes mechanically-tuned dielectric resonator oscillators, temperature compensated dielectric resonator oscillators and electronically-tuned coaxial oscillators.

New Product: LCDRO Series (LCDRO Datasheet - (PDF))

Updated 2LPL Series Phase-Locked Oscillators datasheet
(Now offering new "A" Version Industry Standard Outline (PDF))

End Of Life (EOL) notice for the following Oscillator models
The following products are no longer be available from Narda-MITEQ (last updated 07 June 2017):

EOL ModelsReplacement Models

EOL ModelsObsolete; No Replacement
XTOObsolete; No Replacement
XTMObsolete; No Replacement

Narda-MITEQ can also offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements

Please contact Component Sales with any special requirements you may have:
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All Frequency Oscillator products are backed by Narda-MITEQ's Warranty and most are available as RoHS Compliant components.


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